The golf course is open all 18 main greens.

Trolleys and buggies are allowed.
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The Course


The Bournemouth district is one of the greatest all-the-year-round golf centres in the British Isles, and among the Bournemouth courses Highcliffe Castle has a special place of its own.  It is the shortest of them all, but it possesses an unusual combination of qualities, being at once easy and interesting, and full of variety in spite of being laid out on level ground.  The course is well-bunkered, but only a semi-rough with an occasional patch of gorse divides the fairways, so that there is none of the irritation of hunting for lost balls.  It is a particularly attractive course for the the elderly who dislike anything in the nature of climbing but it can also be a test for the scratch golfer, for whom, curiously enough, it is a difficult course to score on.  The first casual glance at the card suggests that it will be easy enough to get a proportion of 3's at the shorter bogey 4's, but the course has no string of easy par 5's that will be 4's for the big hitters and some of the par 3's represent a challenge for anyone.  We believe that Reg Whitcombe once completed a round in 62 in a Bournemouth and District Alliance Competition, but even the top-rank professionals find it difficult to beat the standard scratch score.

The Holes The Holes

And a quote from an old official handbook: -

"The course of the Highcliffe Castle Golf Club lies embowered among the pinewoods that crown the Hampshire cliffs at the eastern end of Christchurch Bay.  The picturesque thatch-roofed club house stands on the main road between Christchurch and Highcliffe-on-Sea, about a mile from Highcliffe village, a similar distance from Hinton Admiral, which is the nearest railway station, and just over two miles from Christchurch, which was a historic town centuries before its great neighbour at Bournemouth was ever thought of.  From either side the course can easily be reached by the very adequate service of motor-buses running between Bournemouth and New Milton, which brings the course within less than forty minutes run of Bournemouth Square."


1st and 18th


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