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1)      GENERAL

a)      The Match and Handicap Committee have responsibility for the management and administration of all competitions, matches and handicaps.

b)      The Match and Handicap Committee may delegate specific responsibilities to other parties while maintaining overall accountability.

c)      The Seniors Section have been delegated responsibility to manage and administer all Seniors matches and competitions except Club competitions, i.e. Senior Vets Cup; Seniors Cup; Seniors Challenge Shield; and, Dr. Hunt’s Tankard.

d)      Play must commence from the 1st or 9th tee, unless permission is granted by the Secretary or a designated deputy.

e)      General play during reserved tee times is not permitted anywhere on the course.

f)       5 ball games are not allowed at any time unless permission has been sought and given by the Secretary for a specific group to play at a specific time.


2)      COMPETITIONS    

a)      Play must be taken from the White Tees unless otherwise stated and from the Marker Plates in the absence of White Tees.

b)      Prior to 10.30 on the 1st tee and 12.00 on the 9th tee, only 2 and 3 balls are permitted.

4 balls may be played once the reserved tee time has passed. If there is a second reserved tee time 4 ball games are permitted, but they must be in the competition.

c)      Competitors’ cards must be marked by a MARKER.

(i)       A MARKER is defined as either a fellow competitor or, in the absence of a fellow competitor, a marker appointed by the Secretary or a member of the Captain’s Committee. In the event of the marker being appointed by the Secretary or a member of the Captain’s Committee, this fact must be specifically mentioned on the card.

(ii)    Competitors must not commence a competition round without a marker and must be accompanied by a marker throughout the round.

(iii)  Players who are not competitors in the competition may not play with a competitor in the competition, unless appointed a marker by the Secretary or a member of the Captain’s Committee.

(iv)   In the Dr. Hunt’s Tankards Competition and the Captains’ Weekend Competition, cards may be marked by a member who has no partner and hence is not a fellow competitor.  For the purposes of this rule such a member will be deemed a marker appointed by the Secretary or a member of the Captain’s Committee.     

(v)     In the Winter Pairs Competition, competitors’ cards may be marked by a member who is not a fellow competitor who for the purpose of this rule will be deemed a marker appointed by the Secretary or member of the Captain’s Committee.  This marker may or may not play with a partner.

(vi) The final round/s of some competitions requires a Marker/Referee to be appointed by the Captain.  Where this applies it will be noted on the competition sheet.

d)      For all play at this course, including competitions, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.

e)      Where age is a requirement for a competition, the following applies.

  • Seniors are aged 55+
  • Senior Veterans are aged 65+

f)       To enter any Club Open, Club Championship (handicap competition), or Club Knockout Competition, a player must have completed a minimum of 3 qualifying competitions in the twelve months prior to the entry date.



a)      For all competitions, including qualifiers, members must enter, prior to play starting, by signing-in to the Personal Screen Input (PSI) situated in the locker room.  If the PSI is not being used, or is unavailable, for a particular competition, entry must be made in the competition book.

b)      ALL CARDS must be returned including NIL RETURNS.  Competitors must enter their scores into the (PSI) situated in the locker room before depositing their card in the Scorecard Box. Players will be disqualified if they do not return a card or return a card late. Players who fail to enter their score will be given an initial warning that if they fail to do so again, they may be excluded from the next 2 Club Competitions.

c)      Players without a competitive handicap are encouraged to enter qualifying competitions to help them acquire a competitive handicap.  However, they are not entitled to win the competition.

d)      Ties in Stroke play will be decided on the best score for the last 18, 9, 6, 3, 2 or 1 holes.  If this does not produce a winner there will be a countback from the last hole.

e)      In the Club Championship, if there is a tie after 36 holes, the players play holes 1 to 3 inclusive Medal followed by sudden death if required.

f)       MONTHLY COMPETITIONS WILL BE RUN AS FOLLOWS, as the diary permits:-




1ST SAT    

MEDAL (Competitors priority)

1ST SAT    










3rd SAT

STABLEFORD (Competitors priority)



3rd SUN

STABLEFORD (Competitors priority)



These competitions will be run in 2 Divisions.  Handicaps 0 to 19 in Division 1, and 20 and above in Division 2.  However, should there be less than 12 players in either division then the two divisions will be amalgamated.

Winners and equal winning scores in both Medal and Stableford competitions will qualify for the respective Finals.

g)      Members with AWAY handicaps are only permitted to play in sponsored competitions when they have neither played nor intend to play in their HOME club’s competition. AWAY members of Highcliffe Castle Golf Club may play in Club matches provided they have received permission from the Secretary of the Club, in which their  handicap is registered.

h)      Sweeps:

(i)           Will be divided, 2/3rds and 1/3rd in each Division, and awarded to the top 2 players only.

(ii)         In One Division Competitions with 50 or more entrants, including Seniors’ individual competitions but excluding K.O. Qualifying competitions like Autumn Cup/Spring Cup/Stuart Wortley, the sweep money will be divided Winner 50%, Second 30%, Third 20%, and awarded to the top 3 players only.    

If less than 50 entrants (i) above will apply.




a)      It is the responsibility of the players in the competition to arrange a suitable date for their match. If agreement cannot be reached, or there has been no contact by any of the competitors it should refer the matter to the Match & Handicap Committee, no less than one week before the due date, for resolution.

b)      If no resolution can be found, the tie will be decided by the toss of a coin, on the first tee, witnessed by a member of the Match and Handicap Committee

c)      A tie that has not been resolved by the play by date, without any reference to the Match and Handicap committee, will result in those members involved in the tie being eliminated.

d)      Any other dispute should be brought to the attention of the Match and Handicap Committee as soon as possible.

e)      Decisions made by the Match and Handicap Committee will be final.

f)       Ties finishing All Square will continue play, hole by hole, until a result is obtained, with handicap strokes being taken as per the Stroke Index.



Men playing in Sunday afternoon mixed competitions are, in normal circumstances, permitted to play even if they have already played on the same day.

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